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Don't bother looking anywhere else, if you like 'real' food, book 'em now - these guys are absolutely crushing it! As a Brit working abroad I booked the Brunch Holiday team to cater for a work breakfast to give my friends a taste of British, and man alive, they do not disappoint! Not only was the food better than I can find back home, but they've gone and thrown in an awesome mix of Southern flavors too. The bangers and hash is so tasty, and the Scotch Eggs with a dab of mustard, it just doesn't get any better when you're hungry. Add to that the smiles when Bertha pulls up with her luminous paint, the smell of proper bacon and the brilliant service from Tilly and the lads - seriously full stomachs and plenty of laughs with the team. THANK YOU GUYS!! 100% BOOKING AGAIN, just pleeease open a truck in the UK too!                                         

- R. Palfrey

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