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​Our Story...

Charleston, South Carolina

With all its charms, good looks, and storied past, Charleston is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Year after year the awards flow as hearts are captured one eager visitor after another.

Falling in love with Charleston is easy. 

Falling in love in Charleston is common. 

Sealing the deal in Charleston is a dream come true!

Picturesque, mild, and with the best of everything, the Lowcountry has something for everyone; art, music, beaches, architecture, fine dining, parks, historical sites, and a rich, varied, culture and history.


All of this combines as soul fuel for natives, those who move here, and those who visit.  It's home for innovators, for artists, for entrepreneurs, and for dreamers.  Charleston both raises up and lures in award winning chefs and cooks who bend the rules, and create what can only be known as Pure Southern Magic. 

Charleston's food trucks are the living result of what Charleston inspires in these local culinary warriors. Along with an extra helping of courage, creativity, hard work and determination, Charleston's food truck community  is getting it right, and forming lines of customers, day in and day out.  The best food truck vendors produce groupies like crazy because they put into play what is best about Charleston, what's best about their own culture and their own culinary expertise. They dare to do what dreamers do...dream on!

Wonder Trucks Collective

The team at Wonder Trucks longs to share the primitive connection between people who love to prepare amazing food, and people who love to eat it.  No matter what cuisine you enjoy most, there is likely a food truck reimagining it in a way that will blow your mind.  Wonder Trucks works closely with only the best of the best, and is determined to connect clients with this amazing 5-star rated food truck collective whose talents and menus compliment every event style, vibe, theme, and budget.


Wonder Trucks works with Wedding Planners, Event Planners, Venues, Companies, and directly with wedding couples, connecting them all with the very best food trucks in the area.  Pairing world-class food with world-class service, a world-class Lowcountry venue, and you are guaranteed to have created an event that is set apart from all the rest. 


Wonder Trucks has already done the vetting and research.  

Every Member of the Wonder Trucks Collective must meet the following high standards

  • licensed and insured

  • top rated by their customers and peers

  • maintaining the highest health department ratings

  • highest quality and local ingredients

  • culinary innovation and creativity

  • excellent communication and customer service

  • professional social media engagements and content

  • reliable and punctual

  • focuses on RE: recycle, reuse, repurpose, reduce, reclaim


Wonder Trucks has sought out Charleston's best and forged lasting relationships with them. Working with them is a great pleasure because the very best food truckers understand it's as much about feeding souls on both sides of the order window, as it is about feeding bellies. That's simply the professional food truckers' way. Wonder Trucks and their wonderful food truck collective look forward to working with you!

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