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DIY or "Third Party Agent"? That is the question.

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Wonder Trucks is a Collective of 5-star food trucks in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our mission is to connect clients seeking a top quality food truck experience with experienced, professional food truck owners; Match or Tinder for food trucks, if you will. Our Members delight in preparing and serving creative, often custom menus to enhance our clients' special events: private events, corporate events, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, fundraising events, community events, and good old celebrations, like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, engagements, and retirements.

For individuals planning events including food trucks, there are many ways to accomplish the goal. DIY is always an option and people can do that successfully. Not everyone has the time, inclination, or desire to learn all the nuances and forge ahead. Sometimes DIY projects, of any type, lead to situations where ultimately a professional is needed in order to complete the project well. If you are considering a food truck event, here are questions you might be asking yourself;

How do I locate a food truck and schedule them?

How do I wade through these apps, groups, and websites to know who is a good fit for my vision?

Why won't the food trucks I called or emailed respond back to me?

What if something happens and they cannot fulfill their commitment?

What happens in the case of traffic, equipment failures, staffing issues, illnesses, hurricanes, inclement weather, wrecks on the way to my event, or if they fail to live up to my expectations?

How will I pay them?

Is there a deposit or minimum sales guarantee required?

What does that mean?

Will I get my money back if they don't follow through with the event?

If I have to reschedule; will they do it?

If I have to cancel will I get my money back?

What if they aren't available for my rescheduled date?

Are they properly licensed?

What is their Health Department rating?

Do they carry proper liability insurance?

Are they professional in their reactions if there is a disagreement or conflict?

How are the logistics of multiple trucks handled?

What about gratuity?

How many people can one food truck serve?

Do they need access to power?

Do their menus provide gluten-free or vegan options?

Which food truck can serve my vision within my budget?

This is my wedding, how can I make sure my guest are well-served and have a positive, memorable experience?

What about service items?

Do I need to rent plates and silverware?

Do I need to rent tables and linens for food stations or displays?

Which venues allow outside catering and food trucks?

Where at my venue would we park the food trucks and set up tables?

What happens if it rains?

Who takes care of the trash left on the tables throughout my wedding reception?

Can the food trucks provide appetizers, entrées, alcohol, and/or desserts?

How do we make sure my 150 wedding guests aren't waiting in line to be served?

Can I have DIY beer, wine, or liquor at my reception?

How much should I expect to pay per person?

For those looking for a DIY alternative, similar to agency type experiences (sometimes called "third party booking agents"), like event planners, wedding planners, travel agents, vacation rental sites, and real estate agents, Wonder Trucks represents a curated collective who meet the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Wonder Trucks exists to eliminate the guess work of planning food truck events, because we have seen it all. We provide a streamlined, professional, reliable process developed from years of experience and hundreds of successful events, happy, repeat clients, and many referring industry professionals. Every event is a new opportunity to to what we do even better. We hear our clients when they make recommendations for ways we can serve them better. Most importantly, we APPLY it. We are always striving for perfection, not in our own eyes but in the eyes of our clients.

Additionally, we are an accountability group and a support system, in case anything unexpected occurs. All of our clients have the comfort of knowing that all their eggs are not placed in one single basket. We have a solid Plan A, and a backup to the backup's backup, if needed.

Our Members, by and large, are career food and beverage professionals who earned extensive restaurant experience, culinary educations, and/or catering experience long before they decided to be their own BOSS and put their talents to work on their very own food trucks. They aren't new to this; not freshly crossing over from other career paths, not training on the job.

Wonder Trucks has covered all the very important aspects most people don't know to consider. Our Members are fully vetted, with current required licenses and liability insurance, working fulltime as top quality food truck professionals. We've worked with corporate representatives, venue coordinators, event planners, caterers, wedding planners, and individuals in a cooperative way to provide all the communications, planning, invoicing, logistics, timelines, and services insuring thoroughly planned and thoughtful experiences, for not only the convenience of the hosts but also for the delight of those in attendance.

We provide the gold standard, including value and experience. Please be in touch. We are excited to answer all your questions and to begin the quick and painless process of translating your vision into an amazing food truck experience.


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